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  • Quality Control Materials

    ASE manufactures a large range of Quality Controls designed to be commutable across the majority of analysers available on the market. For increased stability these controls are usually in a lyophilised form and are held as stock items ready for immediate delivery. We are also able to offer highly customised batches for individual customers on request.

    Point of Care Control Materials

    ASE specialises in design and manufacturing quality controls for use in the Point of Care (POC) environment. Controls come with single use diluents for ease of use in the field. Diluents for other uses can also be provided on request.

    External Quality Assurance Programs

    As a custom manufacturer, ASE also provides specialist formulations for External Quality Assurance Program materials. We can accommodate both large and small batches. Material can be prepared as a linear set or unique samples. Kits can be designed for individual needs and diluents can be incorporated when required.

    Equine Laboratory Products

    ASE has a long history of producing reagents for various analysers. These reagents also have a place in equine testing laboratories. Our reagents are directly substitutable for OEM materials and are bar coded to match. In addition to reagents we also offer linear calibration sets and Certified Reference Materials (CRM).

    Buffers & Reagents

    ASE produces a large range of buffer solutions, conductivity solutions and general purpose reagents for use in all testing laboratories. These reagents are distributed both directly and through agency agreements.