As a pathology laboratory, ensuring the accuracy and precision of your test results is of utmost importance. To achieve this, one of the key components is the use of quality control (QC) materials. These materials help to monitor the performance of your testing system and ensure that it is operating within the expected range.

While commercially available QC materials can provide a level of assurance, they may not always be suitable for your specific needs. This is where customised batches of QC can be beneficial. Customised batches of material can be manufactured to contain your desired analytes at levels suitable to your specific analytical range.

At Australian Scientific Enterprise (ASE), we understand that every laboratory is unique and has its own specific requirements for QC materials. That’s why we offer customised batches of QC to meet your laboratory’s specific needs.

Manufacturing customised batches of quality controls requires expertise in several areas, including the selection of appropriate raw materials, formulation development, and quality control testing. ASE has a team of highly qualified and experienced scientists who are experts in all these areas. We will work closely with you to understand your specific needs and develop customised quality controls that meet your requirements.

So if your laboratory has specific requirements for QC materials that are not met by commercially available products, a customised batch of QC can be manufactured to meet those requirements. At ASE, we have the expertise and resources to manufacture customised QC materials that match your laboratory’s specific needs.

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