Quality Control Materials

ASE provides high-quality quality control materials for pathology laboratories to ensure the accuracy and reliability of their test results. ASE QC are made using the highest quality raw materials and are subjected to rigorous quality control testing to ensure their accuracy and stability. Our QC materials are designed to help laboratories maintain compliance with industry regulations and standards, such as ISO 15189 and CLIA, and provide confidence in their analytical processes. We manufacture a wide range of QC materials for various analytical platforms, including biochemistry, endocrinology, toxicology, haematology, coagulation, and more. Our QC materials come in liquid or lyophilized formats and can be tailored to meet specific analyte concentrations and performance requirements. ASE also provides multi-analyte controls that simulate patient samples with a range of analytes to help laboratories detect and monitor different diseases. By using ASE's QC materials, laboratories can improve their overall testing quality, reduce errors, and ensure patient safety.

Point of Care Control Materials

ASE also provides control materials designed specifically the point of care testing (POCT). These materials are designed for various POCT devices to ensure the accuracy and reliability of results obtained outside of a traditional laboratory setting. Our POCT controls come in liquid or lyophilized formats and can be customised to meet specific analyte requirements. We manufacture POCT controls for a wide range of devices, including blood glucose meters, haemoglobinometers, WBC Differential meters and more. Our POCT controls are designed to help healthcare professionals ensure the accuracy and reliability of results from the emerging class of point of care testing devices. By using ASE's POCT controls, healthcare professionals can confidently make clinical decisions based on accurate results obtained outside of the traditional laboratory setting. Single use diluents are also available for ease of use in the field.

External Quality Assurance Programs

ASE specialises in the manufacture of EQA materials for external quality assurance providers worldwide. Our EQA materials are designed to help EQA providers ensure the proficiency of participating laboratories in different regions and ensure the accuracy and comparability of results. We provide customised EQA materials for various analytes and platforms, including biochemistry, haematology, coagulation, and more. We also provide comprehensive documentation and technical support to help EQA providers interpret and analyse their data. By using ASE's EQA materials, EQA providers can ensure the accuracy and reliability of their results and provide valuable feedback to participating laboratories to improve their analytical performance.

Buffers & Reagents

ASE produces a large range of buffer solutions, conductivity solutions and general purpose reagents for use in all testing laboratories. These reagents are distributed both directly and through agency agreements.

Beckman Analyser Reagents

ASE also provides other materials, including directly substitutable Beckman analyser reagents, to help laboratories reduce costs and simplify their inventory management. We provide high-quality, customised reagents that are equivalent in performance to the original manufacturer's reagents. Our reagents are compatible with a wide range of Beckman analysers.   By using ASE's directly substitutable Beckman analyser reagents, laboratories can reduce costs and simplify their inventory management without compromising on performance. We also provide customised formulations for other reagents upon request, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of laboratory results.   In addition to reagents we also offer CO2 linear calibration sets and the COR Certified Reference Material (CRM).